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The Golden Rule…Sort Of

“Do unto others as you would have done unto you.”

It is more than just a concept that embraces the rule of returns or reciprocity…it is not so simple as what goes around comes around…it is more profound than that. Our treatment of others is a reflection of the treatment of ourselves and the embodiment of our self worth and value. We are not merely doing unto others as it would appear…we are quite literally projecting our unspoken truth of who we are unto those around us in every exchange and interaction. What are you telling others about who you are?

When seen in this perspective it sheds a whole new light on our reaction or response to those who would seemingly be treating us poorly as they are doing no such thing…they are telling you how poorly they think of themselves and how poor their self worth and value are. They do not know how to love or they have forgotten how to love.

Next time someone unintentionally or even intentionally harms you in some way respond by showing them how highly you love and value yourself by showing them compassion and forgiveness. Know that in doing so you have shown yourself compassion and forgiveness the next time you forget how to love. And, believe me when I say we ALL forget how to love sometimes.

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STATUS: Amor Fati

Latin for “A love of one’s fate”…It is a perception that assigns meaning to life’s events and prompts an active curiosity in living through life’s inconsistencies and choosing to embrace the beauty inherent in all things. This is in actuality the ultimate assertion of free will and the boldest act of creation we have: to consciously choose to perceive through the lens of optimism rather than pessimism when faced with difficulty. Not to be confused with beer goggles or rose colored glasses…I’m just saying ; )

What lens are you looking at life through?

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About Lluvia al Corazon (Rain to the Heart)

About Lluvia al Corazon (Rain to the Heart).

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Engage at the Soul Level to Find Happiness

Unhappiness often occurs when we know we are not meeting our full potential. We haven’t explored the limits of our talents and gifts and how to utilize those gifts in a way that serves our higher purpose for the greatest good. In essence we end up selling ourselves short and become bored with our efforts because they are not meaningful in a way that engages us as a whole person at a soul level.

When we are fully engaged in our efforts it is possible to experience both profound wealth and profound joy within a context that allows everyone to win. Creating a context of abundance for all answers the souls question of why am I here and what is my purpose. And, as with all things, the answer is to love. We are here to love…that’s it…love. This is the noblest truth. And, it is the truth from which all other truths are formed.

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You Will Never Get What You Want Standing by the Ice-Cream Truck…

Summers in Texas can get quite hot. As a young child I remember that the ice cream truck would slowly roll through our neighborhood at just the right time. Somewhere between being hot and sweaty from playing in the sun and just about ready to sit in the shade for awhile. One summer day as it made its’ usual rounds through the neighborhood I happened to be across the street at a friends house with several other kids and their mothers came out to pay for their kids to have ice cream. I desperately wanted a push-up which is that orange sherbert thing in the polka dot cardboard cylinder. Remember those? I can still taste them.

So, all my friends were getting ice cream and of course being 5 years old I had no money and in the fray of yelling and mothers paying I hear my mom a little ways down the block and across the street calling for me to come home. But, I didn’t want to leave the truck because maybe one of the other moms would notice I didn’t have anything and get me my push-up. My mom keeps calling for me and now I am torn because if I leave now I may not get my ice cream, but I could tell my mom was getting increasingly frustrated with me for not coming when she called with each succesive call. Eventually everything settled down, all the other moms went back inside and all my friends were enjoying there ice cream and popsicles in the shade under a tree on the ground.

And, I just stood there a little angry and disappointed that I didn’t get anything and none of the other mothers even bothered to notice! My mom is still calling me so I angrily stomp home and as I am approaching my mom I rather angrily say, “WHAT!?” To which she replies, “I was only calling you because I wanted to give you some money for the ice cream truck,” she stood there for a moment then shook her head and went back inside.

So, my question to you is, how many times have you stubbornly stood by the ice cream truck in your life thinking that being close to what you want will get you the thing you so desire when all the while everyone around you is desperately trying to give you what you need to get what you want? Does that make sense? Let me say it another way.

Our greatest lesson in life is learning how to love. Our highest purpose is becoming experts at giving and receiving love. Everyone we encounter on our journey as we walk through this world is here to teach us this singular lesson as we are here to teach them this very same lesson. How well we receive our “teachers” lessons determines not only if we get what we want, but also enables us to know ourselves well enough to want what we need. Still confused about how ice cream trucks and learning to love correlate? No worries…I’m not entirely sure either, but that’s the journey I’m taking with you and hopefully it’s the same journey you are taking with me.

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Fear & Love …

Fear & Love

Quintessentially it all comes down to fear or love…that’s why it’s so damn hard to love your enemy and why your worst enemy will always be yourself.

-Karen Shelton, July 2011

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