About Lluvia al Corazon (Rain to the Heart)

Un huracán y una mariposa                           A hurricane and a butterfly

Llegan se dan la cara                                       Meet face to face

En medio de la mar                                           In the middle of the sea

This is the English translation of three lines in the song Lluvia al Corazon (Rain to the Heart) by the Latino Pop group Mana. I chose this song title as the title of this blog and these three lines of this song with purposeful intent. As with all art there are many ways in which it may be perceived and this song holds for me a reflection of both my past and the hope for my future as I continually learn how to navigate life’s storms and incorporate what I learn into a working paradigm in which I become a worthy steward of this new knowledge where the focus is to question my motivation in the choices I make and recognize the value that comes from choices motivated by love.

What role do you assume in life’s storms? Are you the fragile butterfly that is tossed about by the hurricane of your emotions or are you the hurricane that is tossing about a fragile other attempting to draw closer in truth and love? Or, maybe sometimes you are both as you fight with yourself in an internal battle of confused desires, wishes, hopes, and dreams?

Either way, my wish for you is that you find a way to incorporate the new knowledge that comes with every exchange and interaction in a way that makes a space for your becoming and self actualization. And, that in doing so you come to realize the strength in your weaknesses, the loveliness of your flaws, and the power that comes with forgiveness…and that forgiving yourself may be where you find both your greatest weakness and strength. Because it is self forgiveness that is the beginning of true love and the only love that allows us to give love freely to others.


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