The Golden Rule…Sort Of

“Do unto others as you would have done unto you.”

It is more than just a concept that embraces the rule of returns or reciprocity…it is not so simple as what goes around comes around…it is more profound than that. Our treatment of others is a reflection of the treatment of ourselves and the embodiment of our self worth and value. We are not merely doing unto others as it would appear…we are quite literally projecting our unspoken truth of who we are unto those around us in every exchange and interaction. What are you telling others about who you are?

When seen in this perspective it sheds a whole new light on our reaction or response to those who would seemingly be treating us poorly as they are doing no such thing…they are telling you how poorly they think of themselves and how poor their self worth and value are. They do not know how to love or they have forgotten how to love.

Next time someone unintentionally or even intentionally harms you in some way respond by showing them how highly you love and value yourself by showing them compassion and forgiveness. Know that in doing so you have shown yourself compassion and forgiveness the next time you forget how to love. And, believe me when I say we ALL forget how to love sometimes.

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